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Application Process 

Selected participants for immersions will be expected to attend 4–5 pre-trip meetings, a post-immersion welcome meeting, and commit to the completion of a Solidarity Action Plan upon their return (1-3 independent meetings).


Winter Break 2022 Immersion
applications are now closed.

Spring Break 2023 Immersion
applications are open
Nov 14, 2022 - Jan 23, 2023.


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Labor and Environmental Justice

Saturday, March 25 - Saturday, April 1, 2023

Cost: $800

Engage with individuals and communities in the Appalachian region and their fight for social, economic, and ecological justice amidst a complex cultural history. SCU students will spend the week learning about the Appalachian region, including its rich labor rights history and complex  environmental, social, and economic realities. Students will engage with the critical issues surrounding energy, sustainability, and public health for communities and economies rooted in the coal industry and devastating practices such as mountaintop removal. 

Preparation meetings will be on Tuesdays from 5:45 - 7:15 PM weeks 6-10 of Winter Quarter. Financial aid is available.

Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining

Appalachia Immersion

"The best way I can put it is that this program was a welcome disturbance in my life. I've realized that corruption is much deeper and much more hidden than I had previously thought and that it is pervasive. Environmental injustice is coupled with social injustice, and issues that are not widely broadcast are still issues." - Maggie Dong