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Chiapas Mexico Immersion

Chiapas, Mexico

Friday, June 17 - Monday, June 26, 2023
Cost: $2200

During this immersion, you will have the unique opportunity to engage with indigenous communities to hear different voices and perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of indigenous activism for social and economic justice and the defense of human rights in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Through these interactions, you will gain a fuller understanding of the context in which indigenous people live in Chiapas, including the challenges they face and the strategies they use to advocate for their rights. This transformative learning experience will give you a unique opportunity to engage directly with the indigenous communities of Chiapas’ highlands. Engaging with different religious backgrounds, political positions, and community organizational structures, you will be exposed to a range of approaches to activism and social change. We will partner with Augsburg University Center for Global Education and Experience, which has decades of collaboration experience in the area and invite us to experience a variety of field encounters that stem from their long-term relationships in each community.

International Travel: This immersion includes traveling abroad, you will need a valid passport and proof of COVID-19 vaccination to participate. Passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally.