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Sat | Dec 13 - Sat | Dec 21, 2019 | $1,400

Mexico Immersion

My immersion to Mexico opened my eyes to the beautiful interconnectedness we all share with one another and the environment. I am continuously inspired to be an active advocate for justice by the power of community activism driven by love and respect that I observed on this trip. - Annalicia Anaya


The Santa Clara delegation will spend the week in Cholula, Mexico, (the local Indigenous capital prior to the founding of the Spanish city of Puebla). Students will learn with and from indigenous communities about current political and social reality in Mexico, culture, sustainable agriculture and spirituality. The immersion group will build relationships with local families through a homestay experience. The Puebla immersion is hosted by Enlaces Comunitarios Internacionales, a grass roots organization which works toward community development in Mexico and other countries through education, community organizing, and working with local farmers on sustainable and organic agriculture practices. Students will have the opportunity to participate in current development projects alongside local community members and learn from individuals working in fields such as education, community organizing, environmental sustainability, agriculture, and government. Participants will witness how the indigenous tradition of tequio, the life-long practice of service to benefit the entire community, is a living practice in Puebla.