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Flint Michigan Water Tower

Flint, Michigan

Saturday, June 17 - Sunday, June 25, 2023
Cost: $800

Flint Michigan is one of the most well-known small towns in America. Some may recognize it as the birthplace of General Motors and as a major home to the automotive industry, some of which remains today; others recognize Flint for the national media coverage of the infamous man-made water crisis that highlighted the many challenges we face as a community, as portrayed in the documentary, Roger and Me. What you don’t know and can only learn from spending time in the community is that it’s truly one of a kind. It is a community rich in service-driven people, living and breathing incredible and unexpected missions- and through your time here, you will get the opportunity to meet and work alongside them. The community is their greatest asset; through them, they will challenge your perceptions of Flint and your journey.

SCU students are hosted by the Firestone Center of the Catholic Community of Flint, MI who work on empowering the people and organizations they work with in moving their community forward. During our time in Flint, we'll work closely with catholic organizations and nonprofit partners to roll up our sleeves and get involved in hands-on projects, working alongside local leaders to address the community's most pressing and immediate needs. We'll also have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and learn from local priests, activists, scholars, and experts about the challenges facing Flint and the ways that community members are working together to create change. From advocating for clean water to addressing systemic racism, we'll explore Flint's complex issues to stand in solidarity and join the fight for systemic change.

Through a collaboration with Campus Ministry, this experience explores what happens when a community band together to serve people, provide education, and focus on urban revitalization, deepening your understanding of social justice while building meaningful connections with fellow participants and community members.

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