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Transformative Justice, Healing and Hope

Dolores Mission | Boyle Heights | Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, December 9 - Saturday, December 16, 2023
Cost: $500


Stand with the demonized so the demonizing will stop. While in Los Angeles, Santa Clara students will be hosted by Dolores Mission, a Jesuit parish in East LA, whose parishioners take the grassroots initiative to address issues that challenge their community through connection and advocacy. Students will bear witness of the possibility of creating a positive ripple effect not only around the city of Los Angeles, but in communities around the world.

SCU students will spend most of their time with the local parish and school, as well with community leaders who focus on healing and hope. Students will also visit Homeboy Industries,  which foster foundational healing for previously incarcerated people so no one re-offends, believing that healing happens in an irresistible culture of relational tenderness. In addition to participation in pre and post-immersion meetings, participants will be required to read "Tattoos from the Heart” 

East LA Immersion

This immersion trip to East LA has shaped and given me new perspectives on aspects of my life that I never knew it could touch. It's one thing to hear or learn about the issues that individuals struggle with in other areas, but establishing a personal connection with these communities has, in the cheesiest way possible, restored my faith in humanity. There's really no words that can do this experience justice. The characters you'll meet and the stories you'll hear will impact you in a way that will (hopefully) stick with you long after you return. - Colman Lin