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Urban Plunge

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The Urban Plunge

Each quarter, the Ignatian Center’s Immersion program offers an intensive, 12-30 hour immersion experience in the heart of downtown San Jose to an SCU group or organization. Participants will delve into the issue of houselessness in one of the wealthiest cities in the world.
As part of the Jesuit mission to create "men and women for others," participants will:
  • Serve a meal in a transitional housing shelter
    Mama G. and SCU group
  • Listen to the stories of a housing insecurity advocate who once experienced housing insecurity himself
  • Exchange interactions with those unhoused, and learn more deeply about the causes and access issues of those people experiencing houselessness.
  • Reflect on the experience and gain insight to transform his/her own lives and communities.  


5 Reasons You Should JUST GO!

1. Accommodates your busy schedule
    This 12-30 hour immersion typically begins on a Friday
2. Exposure to local issues
    Participants immerse in a neighboring community
3. Person-to-person experience
    Participants speak directly with those in need
4. Bond within your SCU group
    Participants will deepen  their sense of community within the group
5. Affordable
    The immersion cost is $30-$50 and covers meals and lodging (scholarships are available)
Past participating groups have included student clubs, University Regents, and a Freshman writing class.

To organize a trip for your group, contact Anna Ricci (