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Vision for Long-Term Community Impact

Vision Statement:

All students in the Greater Washington neighborhood will graduate from high school prepared to enter post-secondary education.


Greater Washington—located south of downtown San Jose and east of Guadalupe Parkway—is home to a large immigrant population, strong community organizations, and seasoned community leaders. It is also one of the most socioeconomically challenged regions of Santa Clara County, where families face significant barriers that impede their ability to live healthy and productive lives.

Working in collaboration with Greater Washington residents, businesses, community leaders, and organizations, Thriving Neighbors strives to build local capacity for entrepreneurship, expanded educational choice, healthy living, and more. The Thriving Neighbors Initiative links the University and Greater Washington Community in projects that yield mutually beneficial outcomes. The University has the capacity and the responsibility to more intentionally engage its resources and assets for the benefit of this community. Greater Washington has the capacity to make Santa Clara a better institution of higher learning on the forefront of high-impact, community-engaged practice that enhances research and learning for the common good.


Expanding Educational Choice

Designed to make college a reality for all, the first phase of Thriving Neighbors in Greater Washington is the launch of an academic enrichment program. The program builds on Washington Elementary School’s educational themes, while integrating science, technology, literacy, and California Common Core Standards into an 8-week, project-based, afterschool program.


Improving Pathways to Prosperity 

The promise of Silicon Valley grows from its entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. To promote and support community entrepreneurship, SCU will consult with local businesses and implement workshops to build entrepreneurial skills. With time, the program aims to create more jobs, make businesses more sustainable, and improve the economic environment of the neighborhoods and communities targeted by Thriving Neighbors.

A healthy neighborhood The health of local families and community members is inseparable from the health of their neighborhood. To support the general well-being of residents, SCU will explore collaborations in healthy living in the areas of food security, physical activity, and mental and physical health. We will work to improve access to healthy living resources through innovative partnerships and programs.


Developing a Community Engaged University

Opportunities for social justice education and SCU student involvement Students at Santa Clara University learn more than just facts and figures. The Jesuit tradition emphasizes educating the whole person, and Thriving Neighbors will create opportunities for undergraduates to learn how they can be catalysts for positive change and social justice.