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A Call to Conversation and Action

Technology has changed us, and it will continue to shape our lives, our organizations, our communities, and our future. How can we steward technology’s advance to benefit humanity to the fullest — supporting human endeavor, contributing to human flourishing in all its dimensions?

Santa Clara University, which brings the inclusive perspective of Jesuit education to Silicon Valley, is pursuing answers. We invite you to join us in a breakthrough initiative that will explore technology and the human spirit, engaging diverse partners in conversation and action.

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Digital media and predictive algorithms among other recent developments have the potential to increase discord among people and intensify social polarization. Yet digital tools and new technologies also have the ability to lead us into greater harmony with the rest of humanity and with creation, a fundamental desire of the Ignatian, Catholic tradition. Tech and the Human Spirit will take inspiration from the mission of Jesuit institutions to understand how we can create technologies that lead to justice, reconciliation, and human flourishing for individuals and society.

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Human enhancement, machine learning, VR, and a host of digital technologies have the potential to redefine what it is to be human. Transhumanist thought and visions of freeing humanity from its biological limits raise important questions about the dignity of the human person and continuing social inequalities. Tech and the Human Spirit will use an anthropological approach to grapple with questions of personhood and the nature of being at a foundational level.

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Discernment and reflective exercises are a core part of the Jesuit intellectual and spiritual tradition. Both in the form of its commitment to higher education and in its core practices, as embodied in the Spiritual Exercises, the Ignatian tradition is animated by the desire to recognize the ideal path for individuals and the wider community. Tech and the Human Spirit will explore how technology is changing the way we learn about and understand the world around us and how it is shaping our sense of our emotional and spiritual selves.


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Videos of Past Events

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Tech in the Service of Displaced People

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Righting the Relationship Between
the Human Person & Tech

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Disinformation & Discernment