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William O'Neill
Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics

William O'Neill, S.J., Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics at the Jesuit School of Theology. His writings address questions of human rights, ethics and hermeneutical theory, social reconciliation and conflict resolution, and refugee policy. He has worked with refugees in Tanzania and Malawi and has done research on human rights in South Africa and Rwanda.

He received a Newcombe Fellowship, a Lilly Theological Research Grant, and held the Jesuit Chair at Georgetown University from 2003-2004. Dr. O'Neill has served on the Editorial Board of The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics and currently serves on the Board of the Society of Christian Ethics. He currently serves on the Board of the journal Theological Studies. He is a member of the Anglican/Roman Catholic (ARC) Ecumenical Dialogue in USA and the Jesuit Seminar.


CE 5002: Methods in Ethics
RSCE 2702: Restorative Justice
RSCE 3230: Christian Social Ethics
RSCE 4040: Methods in Moral Theology
RSCE 4294: The Ethics of Social Reconciliation
RSCE 4675: Thick or Thin? Ethical Criticism
RSCE 4872: Issues and Methods in Ethics (with Lisa Fullam, D.V.M., Th.D.)
RSCE 5003: Western Social Thought
RSCE 5150: The Ethics of Social Reconciliation
RSCE 5525: Seminar in Human Rights
ST 4302: Aesthetics and Ethics

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