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Many alumni and benefactors ask about gift giving opportunities at the Jesuit School. If you are interested in making a gift, the following information may be helpful to you.

Giving to the Annual Fund

Your donation to the Annual Fund will help us provide much needed financial assistance to some of our inspirational students who are dedicated to witnessing to the Gospel message and who are preparing to be leaders in tomorrow's Church. It will also assist us in meeting our operating expenses.

Giving to Special Projects

The Jesuit School of Theology also seeks gifts for special projects authorized by the Board of Trustees. The current list of gift opportunities includes:

These gifts are used by the Dean to address critical needs such as emergency financial aid for a student, special assistance to a faculty member for his/her research, etc.

These gifts provide scholarship assistance to students with financial need. For many students, a scholarship makes the difference in their ability to attend JST.

These gifts support the Instituto Hispano, a program that provides theological and pastoral education and formation for leaders in Hispanic ministry. Students are Roman Catholic priests, deacons, religious sisters, and lay men and women and many are immigrants from Mexico or Central America. The students often serve in volunteer capacities in their Hispanic ministries and are so eager to attend the Institute that they save, on an installment basis, a portion of their paychecks from their day jobs over the period of a year so that they can pay at least part of the tuition for the Institute.

Cultural immersion is an integral part of the JST educational curriculum. For some students, participating in an international immersion is not possible without extra financial support to cover transportation and housing. Gifts to this program support these students.

These gifts support other JST programs, including the Luce Women of Wisdom and Action Initiative and New Directions Sabbatical Program.

For more information on how your gift can make a difference, please contact Steve Padilla in the Development office at or at 510-549-5041 or 707-330-6559.

Many Ways of Giving to the Jesuit School

Many people do not realize there are a number of different ways of making a major gift to the Jesuit School. One of the following may be right for you! The Development Office will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have about any of the following gifts: