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Access the largest theological library in the country, the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) library (formally named the Flora Lamson Hewlett Library), as well as the libraries of Santa Clara University and the University of California at Berkeley system, the third largest academic library in the United States.

The Flora Lamson Hewlett Library: The Flora Lamson Hewlett Library of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) is one of the most comprehensive theological libraries in the country, with 450,000 volumes, more than 1500 periodical subscriptions, and 292,000 microforms and audio-visual materials.  Its mission is to develop and maintain resources of superior quality for teaching, learning and research in the disciplines of religion and theology for both professional and academic degree programs.  At the crossroads of interdisciplinary scholarship, the library is the geographic and spiritual heart of the GTU.  Founded in 1969 from historical original collections brought together from member schools, the library reflects the ecumenical and interreligious collaboration that takes place at the GTU.  The collection has not only the breadth to support a full range of theological education programs, but also considerable depth in many areas of religion and theological inquiry.

The Santa Clara University Library: The Santa Clara University Library offers students a full collection of digital and print media on the main campus of Santa Clara University.  This 194,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility contains more than 800,000 volumes, 4500 serial subscriptions, 820,000 microform documents, and the Archives & Special Collections, featuring a beautiful fine art reproduction of the Saint John's Bible.