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Office of the Registrar

Welcome to JST's Office of the Registrar!

Current Students: We can assist you with registration, your academic records, and completing all of the necessary requirements for your program. You will find in the accordion menu below the answers to most of your questions about such things. Please contact the registrar directly, Jim Oberhausen, if you cannot find the answer here.  

Faculty: Here are some tips and reminders about registration, grading, and making changes to the courses listed in the course schedule.

Students enrolled at JST may take courses at any of the 8 GTU member schools and its many centers and affiliates.

  • GTU Course Schedule
  • To register for classes at GTU member school Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP), please follow these instructions.
  • GTU also allows cross-registration with UC Berkeley and several other Bay Area schools. Follow this link for more information.
  • JST has a cross-registration agreement with Santa Clara University (SCU) available to JST students only. Tuition for the course, payable to Santa Clara, will be in addition to the in-house JST tuition. Please contact the registrar for more information.
  • Registration and Student Planning:Click here for information on how to register, make changes to your enrollment, check your grades and determine what requirements you still need to complete your degree.

For JST Degree Students:









For GTU MA students:

For Faculty:

  • JST-SCU ID Information: When you become a student you will receive both a GTU ID card (for use at the GTU library) and an SCU ID (for use on the SCU campus). Please note that all registration related matters require interaction with GTU systems, while health insurance and email are handled through Santa Clara University.
  • If you lose your GTU ID card, please request, via email, a replacement card from the JST registrar.
  • Alumni Access to Library Resources

Learn about requesting transcripts here.


(see for more details and information)

STEP 1: Login to your WebAdvisor account

  • Navigate to
  • Select JST-SCU from the WebAdvisor list
  • Click on “Log In”
  •  Enter Username and Password (you received these from the GTU IT department via email as a new student)
  • Click on “Students”

STEP 2: Clear any Registration Blocks before proceeding

  • Select “Check for Registration Blocks” in the menu
  • If you have registration blocks, you will need to clear them before proceeding to the next step.
  • If you have no blocks, return to “Current Students”

 STEP 3: Unblock courses requiring Faculty Consent (skip to STEP 4 if you are not taking restricted courses)

  • Email the instructor to request permission. In the email, you must include your GTU ID number, which is located on the front of your GTU library card.
  • Once you have heard back from them that you are admitted to the course, you may register for the course.

STEP 4: Register for Courses

  • Select “Student Planning” under Registration. (Remember to have the course numbers, and any other information on hand)
  • Select “Plan Your Degree and Register For Classes”
  • Enter the course number (e.g., ‘BS 1006’ or BSSP 1066’) in the ‘search for courses’ box.
  • Click ‘View Available Sections’ for the associated course.
  • Click ‘Add Section to Schedule’

STEP 5: Grading Options and Variable Credit Courses

  • The next screen displays the course you have selected with two variable options:
    • Credits: For VARIABLE CREDIT COURSES ONLY, you may adjust the number of units in this
    • Grading: Using the pulldown menu, select the appropriate grading option.
  • After making your selections/changes, click on “Add Section to Schedule.”

STEP 6: Verify Enrolled Courses

  • Click ‘Plan and Schedule’ to display your selection/s. These will appear in yellow on the left hand side of the page and will be tagged ‘planned’.
    • If this reflects your desired schedule, click on ‘register’ for each course or ‘register now’ to register for all courses. This will convert the course/s to green and tag it/them ‘registered’.
    • If the Registration Results screen does not reflect the courses for which you want to register, or the correct number of units for a course, remove the course by clicking the ‘X’ in the top right hand corner of the course listing and then confirm by clicking ‘remove’ in the ‘Confirm Removed Course’ box. Re-enter the course correctly if you still wish to enroll.

STEP 7: Final Review of Completed Registration

  • Click “My Class Schedule” from the main student menu. (You’ll have to open another window and go to and navigate to Student Menu.)
  • Select term from the drop down menu
  • Click “Submit”
  • After reviewing schedule, click “OK"

STEP 8: Log out

  • Click “Logout” from the navigation menu (If you don’t log out, your WebAdvisor account remains open for a substantial amount of time and anyone at your computer can make changes to your registration or view your academic, business, and financial aid records.)

STEP 9: Submit any SRC/Cross Reg/Upgrade paperwork to the registrar(s) to complete registration for these courses. Cross-registration forms are due at the end of the first week of classes. Special Reading Course forms and upgrades are due at the end of the second week of classes.