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Office of the Registrar

Welcome to JST's Office of the Registrar!

Current Students: We can assist you with registration, your academic records, and completing all of the necessary requirements for your program. You will find in the accordion menu below the answers to most of your questions about such things. Please contact the registrar directly, Jim Oberhausen, if you cannot find the answer here.  

Faculty: Here are some tips and reminders about registration, grading, and making changes to the courses listed in the course schedule.

Students enrolled at JST may take courses at any of the 8 GTU member schools and its many centers and affiliates.

  • GTU Course Schedule
  • GTU allows cross-registration with UC Berkeley and several other Bay Area schools. Follow this link for more information.
  • JST has a cross-registration agreement with Santa Clara University (SCU) available to JST students only. Tuition for the course, payable to Santa Clara, will be in addition to the in-house JST tuition. Please contact the registrar for more information.
  • Registration and Student Planning: Click here for information on how to register, make changes to your enrollment, check your grades and determine what requirements you still need to complete your degree.

For JST Degree Students:









For GTU MA students:

For Faculty:

  • When you become a student you will recieve an SCU ID Card. This card will be used for services both on the main campus in Santa Clara and here at JST and GTU. When you take your card to the GTU library, they will affix a barcode which will give you GTU library privileges. Once you have the GTU library bar code you can then (if you wish) use your SCU ID card to receive a library card from the UC Berkeley campus main library.
  • Alumni Access to Library Resources

Learn about requesting transcripts here.


1) Find the course schedule here:

  • At the top, sort by “school year” and “semester”. Sort by “campus” if you want to look at one particular school’s courses.
  • Click on the course name to read the course description and notes. If a course requires the instructor’s permission, email the instructor and get his/her permission first, and then register. (To find an instructor’s email address, visit the website of that instructor’s school, e.g. for JST, or for Pacific School of Religion.)
  • You will actually be registering for your courses in eCampus. So, when choosing your courses from this GTU course schedule, write down the course numbers and titles.
  • Be sure that you have already contacted your advisor ahead of time to talk about your courses. (Most students did this already last April during Advising Week.) Your advisor will need to remove the advisor hold in eCampus before you can register.


2) When you are ready to register, go to: and sign in.

  • Remember that your User ID is a “W” plus the last seven digits of your SCU ID number. (You can find that on your SCU ID card.) So, for example, if your SCU ID is “00001234567”, then your eCampus User ID would be “W1234657”.  If you’ve forgotten your password, you’ll need to request a new one by clicking on “Forget Your Password?”

3) Once you’ve signed in, before you do anything else, click on the “Tasks” tile to view and clear up any tasks or holds.  (Everyone will have an “Online Agreements” to take care of first of all.  And you may have other tasks/holds as well.) You may not be able to register until these are cleared.


4) To register (after you have checked “Tasks”) go back to the home screen of eCampus, and click on the “SCU Manage Classes” tile. 

  • Select the Term you want to register for, then click on “Continue”.
  • This will take you to the screen “1. Select classes to add”. Make sure it says the correct term/JST. (If it doesn’t, then select “Change Term” and choose the correct term) Then, near the bottom, under “Find Classes”, click on “Search”.
  • This will bring up a search menu. Ignore the first two search boxes. (Do not search on the course number.) Click on the third box entitled “Course Career”. Choose “Jesuit School of Theology”.  Then click on “search” again.  This will bring up a warning that your search will return over 50 classes.  Click “OK”.   The Search Results will show a list of ALL the courses of JST and the other GTU schools (all the courses which are on the original GTU course schedule that you used to choose your courses).
  • On the list, you’ll find the course numbers and titles (in brown) – the courses are in alpha/numeric order. Refer now to the list you made of the courses you want for the semester, and look for them on this list. You will choose your courses here one at a time, by clicking on “Select” next to the course information.
  • When you click on “Select”, it will go to a screen showing the course you’ve chosen. Check that everything looks correct:  the grading mode and the number of units. For courses where you have an option to change the grading mode (to pass/no pass; or audit) or the number of units, there will be drop down boxes where you can change the setting. When everything is correct for that course, click on “Next”. This will add it to your “Shopping Cart”.
  • To add another course, click on “search” again, choose the “Course Career” (JST), and “search”. Click “OK”. (You will use this same procedure for each course you want to add.) Choose your next course, make sure it looks correct, and choose “Next” – which will add it to your shopping cart. These courses are still only in your shopping cart, they are not yet registered.
  • When you have completed choosing all your courses, and they are in your shopping cart, then click on “Proceed to Step 2 of 3”. This will bring you to “2. Confirm classes”.  Review again and when satisfied, click on “Finish Enrolling”.  This will bring you to a screen of your enrollment results.  If there is a Green check mark next to your course, you are enrolled.  If there is a red “X”, click on the word “error” to find out what your error is, and fix it. (For example, an error might say that two of your courses have a time conflict.)
  • Congratulations! You are registered! You have until the end of the second week of classes (this year, Friday, Sept. 14th) to make any changes to your schedule. You can “drop” a course, “swap” (drop one and add another in its place), or “edit” a course’s characteristics (like the number of units, or the grade mode). To make changes, go to the top of the enroll screen, under your name, and look for these options:  “My Class Schedule; Add; Drop; Swap; Edit; Term Information” and choose one.  Note that you can only make any changes to your course or schedule now that you have moved your courses out of your Shopping Cart by clicking “Finish Enrolling”.

Instructions for Special Courses:



If you want to create a Special Reading Course with an instructor, you will need to register in eCampus for the course “SRC 9999” (follow the same procedure as you did above for your other courses).  Then fill out the Special Reading Course (9999) - Independent Study form with your instructor, have your advisor sign, and turn it in to the Associate Dean’s office no later than Friday afternoon of the FIRST WEEK of classes.  Special Reading Courses will not be accepted after that.



If you want to UPGRADE a Lower Level course to the Advanced Level, you will need to register in eCampus for the original lower level course (NOT “SRC 8888”!). Then fill out the Special Reading Course 8888 - Upgrade Form with your instructor, have your advisor sign, and turn it in to the Associate Dean’s office no later than Friday afternoon of the FIRST WEEK of classes. Upgrades will not be accepted after that.



If you want to cross register at UC Berkeley, you will need to register in eCampus for “UCB 9000”.  Then come to the registrar’s office to pick up the special UCB cross registration form, fill it out, and get it signed by all parties.  Submit a copy to the JST registrar, and turn in the original form to the GTU registrar (who will facilitate the actual enrollment with UCB) no later than Friday afternoon of the FIRST WEEK of classes.


For PDF file, please click How to Register for Classes.


eCampus: Login



Some of these links are to book lists for courses, and some are direct links to an online bookstore, where you will find textbook information. This information is organized by the school that is offering the course, not the school at which the student is registered.

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