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Alumni Library Access

Alumni of JST(B) may receive access to some of our library resources.


GTU Library

  1. Print Resources: Alumni can purchase a GTU library card for $30/year. To purchase a card, bring one of the following to the GTU Circulation desk: diploma, copy of diploma, or a letter from the JST registrar stating completion of a degree program. If an alumni's thesis or dissertation appears on GRACE, the GTU Library catalog, this will also be considered proof of alumni status. *Note that library cards can only be administered in person.  (Please see:
  2. Online Resources: Alumni do not have full access to all GTU library online resources. However, they do have access to "ATLAS," an online religion database of resources for alumni, at no cost. They may email to gain access to ATLAS, or fill out this form:

Santa Clara University Library

  1. Print Resources: Alumni can obtain a free Courtesy Card by going to the SCU library (in person) and bringing with them a form of ID (drivers' license or state issued ID) and identification showing that they graduated from JST (alumni card, diploma). This includes all alumni, including those who graduated prior to 2009. (Please see:
  2. Online Resources: Alumni do not have access to any of SCU's online resources, as these are strictly governed by SCU vendor licensing contracts.