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JST Fall 2022

JST Booklist Fall 2022

Below, you will find textbook information for courses offered at JST. You can order these books on Amazon or any other booksellers. 

Please bear in mind the length of time it takes to receive your books when ordering, so that you will have them when you need them for your class.

If you do not see your class booklist and have further questions, please contact the class professor. 

LSST-4015: Ecology and Liturgy with Professor Mary McGann, R.S.C.J.

SP-2492: Experiments Prayer and Meditation with Professor George Murphy, S.J.

RSST-3710: Mission, Church & Culture with Professor Eddie Fernandez, S.J.

SP-2686: Discernment: Ignatius and Beyond with Professor Elizabeth Liebert, S.N.J.M.

STLS 2105: Liturgical Theology with Professor Paul Janowiak, S.J.

OT-2095: METHODS:PENTATEUCH & HISTORIES with Professor Gina Hens-Piazza