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Faculty Tips and Tricks

Faculty: here are some reminders regarding accessing WebAdvisor, resetting your passwords, grading and other registrar-related topics.

WebAdvisor Login: If you forget your password, you can request that it be reset by clicking on “Reset my password” on the WebAdvisor home page. It will ask you for your Social Security Number(SSN) or your GTU ID (located on the front of  your GTU library card). Do NOT use your SSN (since these generally have not been added into the database). Use the GTU ID number. Once you have hit submit, the system will send an email to you with the new, temporary password. It’s best if you copy and paste rather than retype. Then you will need to make up a new password. The “old” password that it asks you to enter is the temporary one you were just given.

Faculty consent on restricted courses: The procedure has changed.  Students will register for the restricted course, as well as contact the instructor by email to request permission to take the course.  The instructor will monitor the course roster and notify the registrar of the course’s home school to identify those who should be DROPPED (because the student either has not received permission or the course is already full).

Registration Block: After an advisee has come to see you and you have agreed on which courses she/he will take, you will need to go into WebAdvisor and select “Advisee Approval to Register” to remove the automatic advising hold on the account.

Student Planning/Degree Audit: Advisors may access their students’ transcripts, current schedule, and registration screens by going to WebAdvisor and then selecting Academic Planning. The Degree Audit function is no longer being used. Any errors or concerns should be reported to the registrar.

Upgrading a course: If a student needs to upgrade a course, they must do so using the Special Reading Course form (SRC) and selecting the upgrade option (8888). This paperwork MUST be submitted to the registrar by the end of the second week of classes to avoid a change of enrollment fee. Please enforce the urgency of this with your advisees.

Grading: Grades can be entered online through WebAdvisor. In addition, grades must now also be entered into the Moodle grade roster. Grading policy can be found halfway down the Academic Policies and Procedures document.

Incompletes: Please use the Petition to Take an Incomplete form and note that the grade should be “I” rather than “INC” which has a different meaning altogether. Students should fill out the form, have it signed by you and the Associate Dean and submit it to the Registrar’s office by the last day of the semester. They then have 3 weeks to complete course requirements, after which you have 3 weeks to submit a change of grade to me (either by obtaining a paper form from my office or by sending me an email).

Course Scheduling Forms and Procedures: You will need to fill out a course scheduling form for each course you teach, even if it is a recurring course. If you make a change to the course you will need to submit an addendum form.