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Registration and Enrollment

Registration instructions are available in the "How to Register for classes" accordion on the Office of the Registrar's page.

Please note there are currently 3 registration periods:

  • Early Registration: runs for 2 weeks the semester before
  • General Registration: runs for 2 weeks just prior to the start of the semester
  • Late Registration: runs for the first 2 weeks of the semester

At all other times, you are not able to make changes online. If you wish to add, drop or change a grading option after late registration, you will need to fill out the Change of Enrollment Form, obtain all the necessary signatures and submit it to the registrar’s office.

Please refer to your degree handbook for questions related to your academic program and to the handbook for information relating to grading policies, leaves of absence and similar issues.


Grade reports are not issued. You may access grades through eCampus. Instructors are asked to submit grades within 3 weeks of the end of the semester, after which the registrar of their school must make the grades post to the students’ accounts. Generally, all grades, except for Incompletes, should be graded and posted about a month after the semester ends.


Students requesting an incomplete in a course must fill out the Petition to Take an Incomplete form, get the necessary signatures and submit it to the registrar’s office by the last day of the semester. This form grants a 3 week extension only. Grades may change to an F if outstanding requirements are not submitted to the instructor by the deadline.