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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Marie Bertola

Marie Bertola

Senior Lecturer

Marie Bertola earned Master's degrees in both Italian and French language and literature. She also earned a Master's degree in Teaching FSL and a degree in Journalism. She has taught all levels of Italian and French language and culture for the last twenty years at various colleges and universities in California and in France, including Paris VII University and SCU. She has given professional workshops at state and national level conferences. She is interested in languages and linguistics, Chinese opera, and Japanese cinema. When not teaching, she enjoys reading, and practicing martial arts. 


Research Interests

  • Language acquisition and bilinguism
  • Teaching methodology
  • The Italian origins of seventeenth century French contes 
  • Elementary Italian and French (taught at Santa Clara University)
  • Intermediate Italian and French
  • Advanced Italian and French
  • Italian and French Culture
  • French Immersion


  • De Boccard Publishing Company. Contributed to the French translation of L'alba della Magna Grecia by D. Ridgway.