Department ofModern Languages and Literatures


Freiburg Summer Program

This year’s Summer Study Abroad trip to Freiburg, Germany, proved to be yet another success! For more than 10 years, the Freiburg summer study abroad program has offered Santa Clara students the opportunity to gain insight into the historical, cultural, and social aspects of the German-speaking world, all within the span of 4 weeks. Nestled at the foot of the Black Forest mountains, Germany’s Green City with its historical monuments and ecological policy offers a classic blend of old and new. With generous support from the Geoff and Josie Fox German fund, the students – Hannah Buck, Luke Gezovich, Jordan Dawkins (pictured) and Hudda Navaid (pictured) – not only enjoyed the intensive language courses, but also undertook numerous excursions in Freiburg and the surrounding region that shares a border with France and Switzerland. For Jordan Dawkins, the main highlight of the program was that it served as “a great hub for people to experience different cultures that even extend past Germany’s borders.” Not only was she afforded the opportunity to meet many like-minded people while immersed in a new culture, but was given a summer that she will never forget.


Photo by: Jordan Dawkins