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James Wang with Eiffel Tower in Paris

James Wang with Eiffel Tower in Paris

James Wang '19 on earning a Fulbright

"Language helps bridge multiple cultures..."
I will be conducting my research at the SATIE laboratory in the TEMA division at the ENS Paris-Saclay regarding hybrid-supercapacitors. I will be characterizing the electrochemical and thermal properties of this new form of energy storage, as well as its lifespan to determine different configurations. I will then determine the impact and behavior of hybrid-supercapacitors on the reliability and predictive maintenance of existing microgrid systems based on simulations and compare these results with existing technologies. Understanding the characteristics of hybrid-supercapacitors will provide more information on its applicability towards resolving the intermittent nature of renewable energy, hopefully leading to future improved microgrid designs. However, the implications of my research can also be extended to developing countries where new methods of energy storage can increase access to electricity and create a broader social impact than current technology.
Studying French has been an integral part to preparing for the Fulbright. I believe that language helps bridge multiple cultures and this absolutely rings true for my application. Being able to write effectively and communicate with the university in France helped me secure my affiliation. They not only saw that I was competent in my engineering skills, but also in my French speaking and writing skills. Having learned about French culture throughout high school and college, it is such an exciting experience to have this opportunity to go to France and actively use the French that I have learned throughout my life.
-James is an Electrical Engineering Major with Minors in both Mathematics and French & Francophone Studies.
Undergraduate, CAS
French, Engineering

James Wang '19, Fulbright Scholar