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SCU's REAL Program is offering paid summer internships at a Los Angeles media and entertainment firm.

SCU's REAL Program is offering paid summer internships at a Los Angeles media and entertainment firm.

Dream Career Starts With Summer Internship In Hollywood

Deadline looms for REAL Program’s 2019 Summer Internships

Deadline Looms for REAL Program’s 2019 Summer Internships 

You ought to be in pictures—or at least spending this summer as a paid intern in a breakout Los Angeles entertainment company.

Hollywood not your style? How about two months in Costa Rica tracking white-faced Capuchin monkeys, or 10 weeks as a museum collections specialist at the extraordinary Filoli Historic House & Garden in Woodside?

If you’re enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, any one of dozens of opportunities could be yours if you raise your hand by March 1.

That’s the deadline to apply for Santa Clara University’s innovative REAL Program, which supports meaningful paid summer internships, research, projects and creative works for CAS students.

“I’ve had students who are studying abroad this spring already reach out to line up their REAL internships,” says Katy Korsmeyer, Director of Special Projects at the College of Arts and Sciences. “Industry-related positions are being decided now, so it behooves you to get your application in.”

Heading into its second year, the REAL Program—short for “Real Experience. Actual Learning”—is designed to complement a student’s classroom education through paid internships that allow them to learn more about their strengths, talents, and goals for the future.

Because its budget has doubled to $1 million-plus since last year, 250 students will be able to participate this summer, twice the number of summer interns in 2018. 

“The stories and success from last year have made it easier this year to spread the word, get buy-in and funding,” says Korsmeyer of the program, which is often linked to Bronco alumni or Bronco-vetted companies.

Along the way, she says, the College has been learning more about what kinds of jobs students want to pursue and explore, and how SCU can partner with more employers to provide these summer experiences.

“We’ve made several big leaps,’’ says Korsmeyer. “Last year, students came to us with proposals. This year, we hit the ground to find partners and jobs to list for Broncos to apply to.”

That should help students who don’t have connections or leads for an internship related to their majors, particularly in the social sciences, arts and humanities where students have the hardest time getting funding, says Korsmeyer.

Plus, after taking the REAL Program on the road in 2018, the College is hoping to expand summer internship opportunities around the U.S., including Los Angeles, where media and entertainment company Madison Wells Media has five internships, ranging from film development, to live entertainment, business research, and more.

Of course, nothing prevents a student from finding their own internship or research opportunity, or developing a project or creative work aligned with their interests, that would support an internship.

In those cases, students are encouraged to talk to a CAS faculty member, apply to the industry internship, or secure an opportunity with a non-profit. SCU will pick up the tab for stipends of up to $5,000 per student over 10 weeks.

Since January, Korsmeyer and others have been publicizing the program and hosting a series of information sessions, while urging students to heed the March 1 deadline. The last session is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, in Vari Hall’s Wiegand Room.

“The sooner students apply,” she emphasizes, “the better their chances are at receiving a stipend for a life-changing experience.”

For more information about the REAL Program, contact a program representative at

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SCU’s REAL Program is offering dozens of paid internships this summer, including a handful at a Los Angeles media and entertainment company. Photo by Christian Heinz