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May 2018

SCU red seal on white 760x480 canvas

SCU red seal on white 760x480 canvas

University Statement Regarding Third-Party Election

“Earlier today, the university’s administration shared that it will not support a third-party election proposed by some of our faculty members. I feel strongly that the concerns raised by our adjunct faculty and lecturers are best addressed by improving our current system and increasing opportunities for direct dialogue. This decision has been informed by and is consistent with our institutional mission, community values, and our tradition of collaborative governance.

I am deeply saddened that some members of our community do not feel respected and valued, and I acknowledge that these issues should have been addressed sooner and more forcefully. We share the Jesuit values that compel us to protect those whose concerns may have been overlooked in the past. Over the past weeks, my administration and I have taken the time to listen to the concerns, ideas and needs of our faculty community. As a result, we have already responded with action, including developing a new career track and salary structure for teaching faculty, and creating a rental support program for our renewable-term lecturers as well as recently announcing a down payment assistance program for eligible faculty.

I look forward to continuing to work together as one community to strengthen our University and improve our faculty experience.”

- Santa Clara University President Michael E. Engh, S.J.

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