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Technology at SCU

Computer Hardware

Computer Purchases

Departments purchasing computers that meet University standards ensure that we can provide technical and service support.

To receive quotes from either Academic Technology or Purchasing please email your request to  The mailbox is intended for departmental purchases for faculty and staff only. Students and faculty/staff purchasing a computer for personal use (not departmental purchases), should login to the SCU eCampus Portal to obtain special University pricing with Apple and Dell. 

If you are requesting an Apple iPad quote, please keep in mind there are multiple models for the iPad. Please let us know your preferred model when submitting your quote request. The available models can be seen on Apple's website.

If you need additional information on computer hardware, please contact the Technology Help Desk and request a consultation.

Computer Inventory

An image of a desktop computer showing the University seal on the display.An image of a laptop computer with the display showing the University seal. 

It’s time to do a campus-wide inventory of the university’s computer assets, including those computers purchased through the PC Replacement program and those purchased with funding from individual units, divisions, and grants. To identify all university computer assets Academic Technology will be performing a physical inventory of all working and in-use university owned computers during the month of May 2022.

We will need your help to identify and locate all university owned computers in your department. If possible, please turn ON all computers in your building/area two days before your building is scheduled to be inventoried.  For any personally owned computers: please leave a note to identify them as personal equipment, meaning they were paid for with personal funds, not University funds, startup funds or grants. When we arrive at your location, please give our technician access to your computer to run a quick inventory. If you are not onsite we will still be able to access your computer(s). The process should take no longer than 5 minutes.

If you use Remote Desktop (RDP) to your office computer, please note that during the day we are inventorying your building, you may get disconnected while we inventory your computer. Please try to reconnect later.

We realize there may be university owned computers being used at remote sites during the pandemic, both desktop and laptop computers. In order to capture the computer information for the campus inventory please bring all university owned computers to campus the day we are physically inventorying your building. If you have a university owned computer off-campus or a laptop and will not be on-site by 10:00 am on the day we are inventorying your building, please complete this short survey and follow the instructions to enter the inventory information.

Please review the schedule for when we will be in your building to do the inventory.


Date Location
Monday, May 16, 2022   Learning Commons/Library
Tuesday, May 17, 2022   SCDI Discovery+Innovation
Wednesday, May 18, 2022   Heafey, Bergin
Thursday, May 19, 2022   AES
Friday, May 20, 2022   Vari Hall
Friday, May 20, 2022   Kenna Hall
Monday, May 23, 2022   KGACLC
Monday, May 23, 2022   Charney Hall
Tuesday, May 24, 2022   Loyola Hall
Wednesday, May 25, 2022   Guadalupe Hall
Thursday, May 26, 2022   O' Connor
Thursday, May 26, 2022   St Josephs
Friday, May 27, 2022   Mission Church
Friday, May 27, 2022   St Josephs (Ethics)
Monday, May 30, 2022   Holiday
Tuesday, May 31, 2022   Alumni Science
Tuesday, May 31, 2022   Daly Sciences
Tuesday, May 31, 2022   Dowd Art
Wednesday, June 1, 2022   Athletic Excellence Center
Wednesday, June 1, 2022   Schott Stadium/Baseball
Wednesday, June 1, 2022   Soccer Training Center
Wednesday, June 1, 2022   Stevens Stadium, Buck Shaw
Wednesday, June 1, 2022   Malley Center
Wednesday, June 1, 2022   Solar House 2009
Wednesday, June 1, 2022   Leavey Center
Wednesday, June 1, 2022   Locatelli Student Center
Thursday, June 2, 2022   Mayer Theatre
Thursday, June 2, 2022   Music and Dance
Thursday, June 2, 2022   Jesuit Residence
Thursday, June 2, 2022   Nobili Hall
Thursday, June 2, 2022   Nobili Hall (residence)
Friday, June 3, 2022   Bronco Bookstore
Friday, June 3, 2022   Shapell Lounge
Friday, June 3, 2022   Benson Center
Monday, June 13, 2022   Alameda Hall
Monday, June 13, 2022   Forge Garden
Monday, June 13, 2022   Decathalon house 2007
Monday, June 13, 2022   Ricard Obs.
Monday, June 13, 2022   Facilities
Monday, June 13, 2022   De Saisset Museum
Tuesday, June 14, 2022   Adobe Lodge
Tuesday, June 14, 2022   Kids on Campus
Tuesday, June 14, 2022   Walsh Admin
Wednesday, June 15, 2022   Campus Safety
Wednesday, June 15, 2022   Front Guard Shack
Wednesday, June 15, 2022   832 Market
Wednesday, June 15, 2022   852 Market
Wednesday, June 15, 2022   862 Market
Wednesday, June 15, 2022   Cowell Center
Thursday, June 16, 2022   890 Benton (Grad Pastorial Ministries)
Thursday, June 16, 2022   St. Clare Hall
Thursday, June 16, 2022   Sobrato residence
Thursday, June 16, 2022   The Garage
Thursday, June 16, 2022   990 Benton
Thursday, June 16, 2022   733 Benton
Friday, June 17, 2022   Return to skipped
Monday, June 20, 2022   Juneteenth Day observed
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Bellarmine residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Campisi residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Casa Italiana residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Dunne residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Finn residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Graham residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   McLaughlin-Walsh residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   San Filippo residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Swig residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Villas residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Walsh residence
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Bannan Alumni (old Donohoe)
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Varsi Hall
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Jesuit School of Theology
Tuesday, June 21, 2022   Return to skipped
Wednesday, June 22, 2022   Undergraduate Studies (Varsi 1st Floor)

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in helping us complete this inventory.