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For Employees

Mandated Reporters

Mandated reporters are required to share all details of any alleged discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct that is reported to them, that they observe, or that they otherwise have knowledge of. Santa Clara University employees are almost always mandated reporters with respect to the entire SCU community, with the exception of those designated as confidential. 

More information about your duty as a mandated reporter

Reporting an Incident for Yourself

If you are an impacted party, you can make a report with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX. The impacted party is considered the ‘Complainant’. If you are a complainant, you are not required to initiate an investigation by filing a formal complaint with the Office. However, the Office wants to ensure that you have access to resources and know about your options.

More information about reporting an incident for yourself

Responding to an Accusation

If you have been accused of conduct prohibited by the EO/TIX Policy, then you are considered a ‘Respondent’. Respondents are considered non-responsible for the alleged policy violation until proven responsible. If you are a respondent currently going through the investigation process, the Office can provide supportive measures and information about the investigative process.

More information on responding to an accusation

Helping Students and Colleagues

Here are steps to follow if you become aware that someone in our University community has been impacted by prohibited conduct or an accusation.

More information about helping students and colleagues

Equity Hearing Panel

The Equity Hearing Panel (EHP) is a three-member panel, chosen from a pool of specially trained University employees, which serves as the decision-maker in formal resolution processes. 

Equity Hearing Panel members may also serve as Process Advisors to the parties and hearing facilitators. 

More information about the EHP and how to join the pool 

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