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Equity Hearing Panel

Members of the Pool are trained annually, and may be called to serve in one of the following roles:

  • To act as a University Process Advisor to one of the parties. 
  • To serve as a Hearing Facilitator, Decision-maker, and/or Chair. 
  • To serve as an Appeal Decision-maker.

Process Advisor

The Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator will offer to assign a University Process Advisor for any party if the party does not have an Advisor. The University Process Advisor will be trained by the University and be familiar with the University's resolution process. 

A University Process Advisor will also be appointed if the party's Advisor will not conduct questioning. The assigned University Process Advisor will conduct cross-examination and will do so thoroughly, regardless of the participation or non-participation of the advised party in the hearing itself. Extensive questioning of the parties and witnesses may also be conducted by the Equity Hearing Panel during the hearing.

Decision-Maker (Final Determination and Appeal)

The formal resolution process relies on a pool of faculty and staff to carry out the process, regardless of whether a live hearing is required. The Equity Hearing Panel (EHP) is a three-member panel, chosen from the pool of specially trained University employees, that serves as the decision-maker with respect to responsibility and sanctions (if applicable). The panel is made up of faculty and staff who receive training on the applicable processes and standards. This may count toward the employee’s University service.

In a formal resolution process, an EHP is a three-member panel responsible for determining whether a policy violation has occurred. If there is a determination of responsibility, the EHP will also determine the appropriate discipline or sanction for the respondent. These determinations may be made following either a “Process A” live hearing (during which panel members may question the parties and witnesses) or a “Process B” administrative review of the investigative report and evidence. 

If a respondent accepts responsibility for all the alleged policy violations at any point during the resolution process, the formal resolution process will be paused; and the Director will convene an Equity Hearing Panel to determine whether all parties and the University can agree on responsibility, sanctions, and/or remedies. 

An Appeal Equity Hearing Panel is responsible for reviewing any final determinations if an appeal is filed by a party.  

To learn more about this important role, please refer to the EO/TIX Policy

There is a significant need for EHP pool members. It is a critical role at the University as the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX seeks to address all forms of discrimination, sex-based harassment (including cases involving sexual violence), and other civil rights based offenses. The Office is always looking to grow the EHP member pool and highly values the investment of its volunteer pool members. Training is held twice a year. 

If you are interested in joining the EHP pool or have any questions, please email Summer Reid at

2023-2024 Equity Hearing Panel Members

  • Samantha Kibbish
  • Allyson Morris
  • Kathy Stoehr
  • Tedd Vanadilok
  • Bernell Nevil
  • Heather Stephan
  • Chris Smead
  • Jessica Everhart
  • Annalisa Duarte
  • Amanda Chavez
  • Naomi Levy

August 2023 Equity Hearing Panel Training Slides 

Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX
Loyola Hall Suite 140

(408) 551-3043

M-F 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Closed for lunch 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

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