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Responding to an Accusation

If you have been accused of conduct prohibited by the EO/TIX Policy, then you are considered a 'Respondent'. Respondents are considered non-responsible for the alleged policy violation unless proven responsible. If you are a respondent currently going through the investigation process, the Office can provide supportive measures and information about the investigative process.

University Investigations

If you have been named as a respondent in an Equal Opportunity and Title IX investigation, you will receive a Notice of Investigation and Allegations and will be asked to schedule an interview. You will have the opportunity to respond to the allegations, provide and review evidence, and suggest witnesses and questions for interviews. You have the right to choose an Advisor from inside or outside the University community. Please refer to page 13 and Appendix B on page 58 in the EO/TIX Policy for more information.

For more information about your rights as a respondent, please refer to Appendix A on page 55 in the EO/TIX Policy or reach out to the Investigator assigned to your case.

Law Enforcement Investigations

Actions taken by the University are separate and apart from any law enforcement or other court proceedings such as a civil lawsuit or criminal prosecution. The University’s investigation and response are independent of any criminal charges that may be filed.

Supportive Measures

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX keeps information as private as possible, within policy and process. You can meet with an Office representative by phone or in-person to discuss your situation and connect with resources and support during an investigative process.

The Title IX Coordinator evaluates requests and grants support services as reasonable and necessary for each individual. Possible assistance is available in obtaining supportive measures that may include:

  • Issuing a mutual no-contact directive between the complainant and respondent, prohibiting both parties from having verbal, physical, or written contact with each other for a definite or indefinite period of time
  • Connecting to campus resources (CAPs, Wellness Center, CSS, etc.)
  • Exploring changes in living and working arrangements
  • Exploring changes in class schedules
  • Exploring academic support options
  • Assisting you in communicating with faculty
  • Support in reporting to law enforcement 
  • Requesting that publicly available directory information be removed from University sources

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