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Whether you are reporting an incident or responding to an accusation, the Office is committed to providing information, support, and resources in a fair and equitable manner. We also want to ensure that all involved parties understand the applicable policies and processes.

Reporting an Incident 

Whether you are a witness or an impacted party, you can make a report with our office. The impacted party is considered the ‘Complainant’. If you are a complainant, you are not required to initiate an investigation by filing a formal complaint with our office. However, the office wants to ensure that you have access to resources and know about your options.

More information on reporting an incident

Responding to an Accusation

If you have been accused of conduct prohibited by the EO/TIX Policy, then you are considered a 'Respondent'. Respondents are considered non-responsible for the alleged policy violation unless proven responsible. If you are a respondent currently going through the investigation process, the Office can provide supportive measures and information about the investigative process.

More information on responding to an accusation

Helping a Friend

Another student may choose to disclose to you that they have experienced prohibited conduct, or that they have been accused of prohibited conduct. We encourage students to help those individuals who may be either complainants or respondents.

More information for students who want to help

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