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Account Claim Process

An account claim email has been sent to the email address you provided Santa Clara University during the admissions process. The subject of that email is “New SCU User Account Information - Please Read to Get Started”.

Read the account claim email and click on START HERE.

  • Step 1: Complete Step 1 of the Account Claim Process by entering your SCU ID, Last Name, and Claim Code from the email.

Read SCU’s Acceptable Use Policy by clicking on the link. If you agree to the terms check the box next to "You must agree to the terms in order to claim your account". When you are ready click Next.

Account Claim - Step 1 dialog box

  • Step 2: Complete Step 2 of the Account Claim Process by updating your password to a password that meets the requirements listed. You will be asked to enter a new password and then verify it by entering it again. When you are ready click Next.

Account Claim - Step 2 dialog box

  • Completed: A message appears that indicates you have successfully completed the Account Claim Process. Your SCU Username appears in the message. This is your MySCU Portal username. 

Account Claim - Completed with SCU Username

You are now ready to log in with your new credentials. Log in at:

Note: In the example above Bucky Bronco is given the SCU Username BBronco. If BBronco was already in use the system might assign BBronco2, etc. Now that Bucky knows his SCU Username is BBronco, he also knows his email address is