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Camino - Learning Management System

Camino is Santa Clara University's Learning Management System. We run our Learning Management System on Canvas.

After logging into the MySCU Portal you will see a Camino tile. Click the tile to enter your Camino dashboard.

Camino - Course Management Tile

Use Camino to access courses and course material, submit assignments, look up grades and more.

Note: The information icon on each tile provides more information about the application. Information icon symbol

Features include dashboard, course window, account settings:

Camino Dashboard

  1. Click on Dashboard to see your courses
  2. Click on the Course card to enter a course

Camino Dashboard example

Camino course window

  1. The main content area
  2. Course navigation links
  3. Breadcrumb navigation, and  
  4. The Sidebar 

Camino Window Example

Update account settings

After clicking on Account in the Global Navigation Menu:

  1. Update Profile picture
  2. Update Full name and Display name
  3. Update name pronunciation in NameCoach Recorder (available June 16th)

Camino account updates