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Choosing SCU

If you ask 20 Santa Clara students exactly why they chose SCU, they’ll probably give you 20 different answers. But you’ll hear some common themes.

Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Sunshine

Being in the heart of Silicon Valley means you’re down the street from some of the most innovative and successful companies in the world. Firms like Google, Apple, and Cisco—and dozens more that aren’t as well known but are just as exciting—recruit heavily from our campus.

There’s also our 300+ days of sunshine per year. And depending on which direction you travel, you can easily reach all San Francisco has to offer, as well as beautiful beaches, mountains, and forests. 

A Jesuit Education

Whether they are religious or not, many students choose SCU because of our Jesuit values that emphasize ethics, social justice, and giving back.

So Much More...

  • World class faculty who spend as much time working with students as they do on their own scholarship
  • Academic programs that connect to your passions and support your interests whether they lead you to the library, lab, or through a corporate lobby   
  • Beautiful campus facilities where you'll walk through centuries-old gardens on your way to one of our state-of-the-art labs like the Frugal Innovation Hub where students work on humanitarian projects or the Robotics Systems Laboratory where students control NASA satellites
  • Study abroad programs in 40 different countries and a commitment to a globally-focused education
  • Our sports teams, where students compete at varsity, club, and intramural levels
  • Campus living options that provide themed living-learning communities for your first two years
  • and the diversity and inclusiveness of our student population

But it really comes down to this: SCU is a great place to live and learn. It’s no wonder that the students who come here often say it’s the best choice they’ve ever made.