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Faculty Research

Highlights, facts and figures, and a snapshot of what some of our faculty and their student researchers have been working on.

Following are some highlights and facts and figures regarding recent faculty and student research.


Bill Lu, Bioengineering

BILL LU, M.D., Ph.D.

Bioengineering Associate Professor

Developing a novel engineering strategy to produce safer and more powerful nano-medicine that can provide new solutions to the treatment of the most difficult to treat human diseases, such as cancers, viral infection, Alzheimer's and genetic disorders.

MS Students: Mai Do, Daniel Levin
Collaborators: UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley

Award: $410,768
National Institute of Health, Medical Sciences



On Shun Pak, Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor

Developing artificial microscopic swimmers that can move like microorganisms such as bacteria and sperm cells for medical applications, including drug delivery and microsurgery.

PhD Student: Kexin Zheng
MS Students: Ke Qin, Brandon van Gogh
UG Students: Noah Lordi, Shreyes Nallan
Collaborators: California Institute of Technology, Texas A&M University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Award: $251,000
National Science Foundation



Federal: $2,479,071

Industry: $496,390

Nonprofit: $378,000



These students were paid researchers during the summer and fall, helping advance a faculty mentor's research. More here.


Emma Barrett-Catton



Emma Barrett-Catton
Exploring the relative roles of polymer–nanoparticle and polymer-polymer interactions on the mechanical properties of the interpenetrating polymer network hydrogel nanocomposites.




Jack Edmonds



Jack Edmonds
Survey recent developments in attacks on lightweight hardware security primitives, including Physical Unclonable Functions and True Random Number Generators.




Dwight Johnson



Dwight Johnson
Exploring the feasibility of thread-based electrochemical mechanisms for free radical detection using 3-D printed microneedles for wound healing applications.




Steven Reimer



Steven Reimer Developing an advanced marine sensing system that collects environmental data throughout a water column and then uses local information to adaptively determine when to execute high-cost physical sampling operations.



Austin Rothschild



Austin Rothschild
Establishing rigorous physical bounds on aspects of lightmatter interaction in nanophotonic systems to inform and direct work in inverse design.




Jiayi Zhang



Jiayi Zhang
Developing stealth exosomes for the next generation of nano-medicine.







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