Kuehler Undergraduate Research

Summer research opportunities pay off for undergraduates, faculty, and the advancement of engineering.

With a strong belief that technological competitiveness is vital to the well being of the United States, SCU alumnus and former IBM president Jack Kuehler and his wife created the $1 million Carmen A. and Jack D. Kuehler Undergraduate Engineering Research fund. Each summer, a handful of faculty members invite promising sophomore and junior students to join them in research funded by this grant.

Students are paid to work with their faculty mentor—and often with fellow undergraduates, master's and Ph.D. students from their own and affiliated fields—building a foundation for collaborative scientific investigation and developing the skills required for ongoing education at the graduate level or for a successful career. Many students continue this work for their senior capstone projects and even further as they pursue dual degrees in our 5-year program.

In addition to the meaningful hands-on experience of being an integral part of a faculty member's research program,  participants enjoy co-authoring peer-reviewed articles and presenting their results at national conferences. 

2018 Kuehler Awards:


Faculty: Jonathan Zhang

Student: Brie Goo, Bioengineering

 Brie Goo and Professor Jonathan Zhang

Faculty: Hohyun Lee

Student: Joshua Vincent, Bioengineering

Joshua Vincent and Professor Hohyun Le


Faculty: Yuhong Liu

Student: Ruiwen Li, Computer Science and Engineering

Professor Yuhong Liu and Ruiwen Lu

Faculty: On Shun Pak

Student: Shreyes Nallan, Electrical Engineering

Professor On Shun Pak and Shreyes Nallan

Faculty: Christopher Kitts

Student: Jamie Ferris, Mechanical Engineering

Jamie Ferris and Professor Christopher Kitts

Faculty: Panthea Sepherband

Student: Brandon Vangogh, Mechanical Engineering

Professor Panthea Sepherband and Brandon Vangogh

2017 Kuehler Awards:


Faculty: Panthea Sepehrband, Mechanical Engineering

Student: Jamie Ferris, Mechanical Engineering sophomore

Faculty: Prashanth Asuri, Bioengineering

Student: Evangelia Bouzos, Bioengineering Junior

Faculty: Michael Taylor, Mechanical Engineering

Student: Abhay Gupta, Mechanical Engineering Junior

Faculty: Christopher Kitts, Mechanical Engineering
Student: Erin Guthrie, Electrical Engineering Junior

Faculty: Behnam Dezfouli, Computer Engineering
Student: John-Paul Hurley, Computer Engineering Junior

Faculty: Bill Lu, Bioengineering
Student: Grace Ling, Bioengineering Sophomore

Projects from summer 2016:


Faculty: Dr. Christopher Kitts, Mechanical Engineering

Faculty: Mike Rasay, Mechanical Engineering
Student: Matthew Condino, Mechanical Engineering


Faculty: Aaron Melman, Applied Mathematics
Student: Tim Shur, Computer Engineering


Faculty: W. Yang, Mechanical Engineering

Faculty: M. Esmaily-Moghadam, Mechanical Engineering

Faculty: J. Feinstein, Mechanical Engineering
Student: S. Bhatia, Mechanical Engineering

Student: D. Obenauf, Mechanical Engineering

Student: O. S. Pak, Mechanical Engineering


Faculty: Panthea Sepehrband, Mechanical Engineering

Student: Anneliese Bals, Mechanical Engineering


Faculty: Jonathan Zhang, Bioengineering

Student: Casey Kiyohara, Bioengineering


Student: Natalie Duong, Bioengineering

Faculty: Dr. Biao Lu, Bioengineering


Student: Isabela Figueira,Computer Engineering

Student: Archana Godavarthy, Computer Engineering

Faculty: Prof. Yi Fang, Computer Engineering


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