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Davoudi, Fatemeh


I have joined the Department of General Engineering as an Associate Professor and the director of the Machine Learning & Safety Analytics Lab in September 2023. Prior to joining the School of Engineering at  Santa Clara University, I was an Assistant Professor and Associate Professor of Manufacturing Systems at San Jose State University (2018- 2023). My academic background is in mathematics, applied engineering, technology management, industrial technology and manufacturing systems, and statistics. My research interests lie in prognostics and health management of industrial systems for quality improvement, applied machine learning and safety analytics for improving outcomes of occupational incidents, and occupational ergonomics.

Courses Taught


  • ENGR 1: Introduction to Engineering 
  • ENGR 1-Lab: Introduction to Engineering Lab 


  • EMGT 298: Fundamentals of Statistical Quality Engineering


For a complete list of General Engineering course descriptions, visit ENGR Course Descriptions



  • Ph.D., Industrial Technology & Manufacturing Systems, Iowa State University 2018
  • Ph.D. Minor in Statistics, Iowa State University 2018


Research & Scholarly Activities

Machine Learning & Safety Analytics Lab

In the MLSA Lab, I conduct research on various applications of machine learning and predictive analytics in industrial systems. My specific research interests are:

  • Machine learning for safety, risk assessment, and ergonomics in occupational settings 
  • Prognostics and health management of industrial systems
  • Theory-guided data science for systems modeling 

I currently have several open positions for funded research and independent study in my lab. If you are an undergraduate/graduate student interested in pursuing a thesis/ project, or looking for research experience in systems engineering applications of machine learning and deep learning, please email me at: or

I am currently conducting research on potential of wearable technologies and AI for improving biomechanical risks in occupational settings. You are welcome to attend as a volunteer! Please choose a time that works for you here Experiment Schedule

Publications & Presentations

A complete list of publications is available at: Google Scholar


Fatemeh Davoudi Kakhki Photo

Associate Professor, Department of General Engineering


Office: SCDI 3104