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Research Showcase

SoE Research Showcase 2020 Feb 28, 2020 4-6:30 p.m. Innovations Lab Guadalupe Hall 3rd Floor Santa Clara CA 95053



FEBRUARY 28th, 2020, 4-6:30 PM


We invite you to be part of the 4th Annual School of Engineering Research Showcase featuring poster
presentations of SoE research performed by faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate, Master's,
and Ph.D. students. Attended by industry partners, Silicon Valley researchers and engineers, campus
affiliates, and friends of the School of Engineering, this showcase provides the School with an
outstanding venue for research exposure while also affording students an excellent professional
development and networking experience.

Participants are invited to share their work through a poster presentation. Posters may describe any
School of Engineering research conducted since June 2018. The research described may be at any state of development ranging from initial conceptualization to the completion of work. Poster authors must have
been a student, fellow, and/or faculty member within the School at some point during the execution of the
presented research. All authors are encouraged to be present for the event, but at least one author must be available for the duration of the Showcase in order to describe and answer questions regarding the

Students interested in submitting a poster should be aware that this is not a Showcase for design projects.
Accordingly, posters that describe work performed to synthesize a new system, product or service are not
appropriate for this venue. Rather, posters should describe a specific engineering research project using
the practices and norms appropriate to professional research in the relevant engineering field.

Awards: Awards will be presented based on a review by a panel of evaluators, with a final decision by
the Dean of Engineering. To be eligible for an award, at least one student author must be present during
the Showcase and be active in discussing their poster with attendees.

  • Best Undergraduate Research Poster - for excellence in performing and communicating
    undergraduate research work.
  • Best Master’s Research Poster – for excellence in presenting analytic or experimental research
  • Best Doctoral Research Poster – for excellence in the presentation of fundamental research that
    explores new behaviors and techniques relating to a compelling research challenge.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot by January 13 (a draft of your poster won’t be due until
January 21) by filling out the form at: Note that you may need
to be logged into your email account in order to access this page.

Poster submission and presentation guidelines are attached. For more information, contact Chris Kitts,, and Anne Mahacek,

Participation Eligibility - To participate in the Showcase:

  • Participation through the submission and presentation of a poster is open to undergraduate
    and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty.
  • Posters may include up to 5 authors; at a minimum, the lead author must have been a
    registered student, fellow or faculty member during the research activity.
  • Presented research must have been accomplished during the period from June 2018 to the
    present time and must have been conducted primarily as an SCU research activity.
  • Poster authors must be significant contributors to both (the portion of) the research work
    presented and the creation of the poster. The poster may recognize (as non-authors) other
    students and collaborators (both within SCU and external to SCU) who have played a role in
    the research but who have not participated in the creation of the poster. Posters must identify
    the faculty research advisor.
  • All authors are encouraged to be present for the event, but at least one author must be available for
    the duration of the Showcase in order to describe and answer questions regarding the research.
  • Participation requires presentation of a research topic, and authors are expected to convey
    their work using standard professional research norms relevant to their field. Design projects
    (e.g., senior capstone projects) are not appropriate for the Showcase. Furthermore, general
    posters presenting an overview or summary of work by a faculty member’s research group or
    lab are not desired; rather, posters should present a focused research initiative within the
    broader research conducted by the advising faculty mentor.
  • To be eligible for an Award: In addition to meeting all participation requirements, at least
    one student author of the poster must be present during the Showcase to discuss and answer
    questions relating to the poster presentation. In addition, posters with multiple student
    authors at different educational levels will be judged in the award category matching the
    highest educational level represented (e.g., a 2-person poster with an undergraduate and a
    Master’s student as authors will be judged as a Master’s level entry).

Registration and Submission Information:

  • Participants must register by January 13 via this form:
    Note that you may need to be logged into your email account in order to access this
  • Accepted participants must submit a softcopy version of their poster in .pdf format for review
    by January 21 via email to The student’s faculty adviser must be copied on
    this message, and the faculty member must reply to approve the submission.
  • Posters will be reviewed for content and style, and students will be provided feedback on or
    about January 27.
  • The final version of the poster must be submitted by February 3 via

Style guidelines:

  • Poster size: 36” x 48”, landscape (soft copy and poster board)
  • Fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, or Arial Narrow
  • Font size: 20 pt. to 96 pt.
  • Title and all authors to be displayed at the top
  • Contact information is optional
  • Include School of Engineering logo (
  • Keep text brief
  • Do not use all capital letters
  • Use graphics (charts, tables, pictures) that can be understood in one minute or less.
  • Describe the research, to typically include: background, objectives, research design/program
    description, results/evaluation, conclusion(s), future plans

Presentation Requirements:

  • Posters to be set up Friday, February 28, 3:00 p.m. (60 minutes prior to start), in the Innovation
    Space, 3rd Floor, Guadalupe Hall
  • Author(s) or substitute presenters stand by poster for the duration of the event
  • Posters must be removed at the end of the event

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