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Research Showcase

2019 Research Showcase Feb 22 2019



Join us for the School of Engineering's 3rd Annual School of Engineering Research Showcase featuring poster presentations of SoE research performed by faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. students.  Attended by industry partners, Silicon Valley researchers and engineers, campus affiliates, and friends of the School of Engineering, this showcase provides the School with an outstanding venue for research exposure while also affording students an excellent professional development and networking experience.
Participants have been invited to share their work through a poster presentation. Posters may describe any School of Engineering research conducted since June 2017. The research described may be at any state of development ranging from initial conceptualization to the completion of work. Poster authors must have been a student or fellow within the School at some point during the execution of the presented research.

Awards will be announced following the showcase and are presented based on a review by a panel of evaluators, with a final decision by the Dean of Engineering. 

  • KEEN "Creating Value" Undergraduate Poster Award - for excellence in making contributions to a research project and articulating the potential value of this work in an economic and/or societal context.
  • Best Master’s Research Poster – for excellence in presenting analytic or experimental research work.
  • Best Doctoral Research Poster – for excellence in the presentation of fundamental research that explores new behaviors and techniques relating to a compelling research challenge.

Check out the 2019 Research Showcase Posters being presented this year!

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