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2023 Research Showcase

2023 Research Showcase

Congratulations to the following poster winners:

Undergraduate Category:

  • First place: “Symmetry on Higher-Rank Tensor Material Properties”
    Student author: Jo Espiritu. Advisor: Dr. Robert Marks
  • Second place: “Autonomous Underwater Vertical Profiler”
    Student authors: Steven Reimer, Rebecca Walters, Jeffrey Ke, Jenny Huynh, Anshuman Sahu, Katie Ott. Advisors: Dr. Christopher Kitts and Dr. Michael Neumann
  •  Third place: “Machine Vision to Identify Messenger Molecules Interaction between Mammalian Cells and Gram-positive Bacteria”
    Student authors: Colette Caspar, Maiya Fujiwara, and Brandon Pang. Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Zhang

Masters Category:

  • First place: “Multi-robot Collaboration & Multiple Drive Motion Control of an Autonomous Agricultural Rover” Student authors: Michael Aboh & James Forman. Advisors: Dr. Christopher Kitts and Dr. Manoj Sharma
  • Second place: “Antenna Circuit Model Synthesis and Transient Analysis” Student author: Vikram Naidu. Advisor: Dr. Kurt Schab
  • Third place (tie): “Binary Classification in Ultrasound Breast Imaging” Student author: Leo Wei. Advisor: Dr. Yuling Yan
  • Third place (tie):“Enhanced Immersion for Mindfulness Practices with Virtual Reality and Neurofeedback” Student authors: Soren Madsen, Ginger Freeman, Timothy Tong. Advisor: Dr. Julia Scott

Ph.D./Post-Doc Category:

  • First place: “Adaptive Sizing Algorithms for Improving Swarm Scalar Field Adaptive Navigation” Student author: Shae Taylor Hart. Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kitts
  • Second place (tie): “Application of Haralick Texture Analysis to Differentiate Suspicious Prostate Lesions from Normative Tissue on Low-field MRI” Student author: Dang Bich Thuy Le. Advisor: Dr. Yuling Yan
  • Second place (tie): “Integration of Capillaric Strain Sensors Toward Recognition of Human Movements” Student authors: Hudson Gasvoda, Nick Cmager, Rana Altay. Advisor: Dr. Emre Araci
  • Third place (tie): “CLP: A Platform for Competitive Learning” Student author: Arpita Vats. Advisor: Dr. David C. Anastasiu
  • Third place (tie): “The impact of symmetric tilt grain boundaries with various axes of misorientation on void formation in Through Silicon Via (TSV)” Student author: Armin Shashaani. Advisor: Dr. Panthea Sepehrband

Check out the 2023 Research Showcase Posters.