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Accomplishment Statements

Accomplishment Statements

An accomplishment statement highlights experiences you have had in your work where you were successful. It does not have to be a huge accomplishment, but it should show something that you are proud of while demonstrating that you can take action when situations arise.

To write an effective accomplishment statement, consider the CONTEXT, ACTION, and RESULT (CAR).
Context Action Result Graphic
  • Context: Describe the situation or problem. What were you trying to achieve or address?

  • Action: Specifically what did you do? Did you apply a specific skill or tool?

  • Result: What happened (quantify if possible)? Was there a positive outcome?


Accomplishment Statements: Transform simple job descriptions or responsiblities into accomplishment statements to demonstrate how you added value to the organization. 


Before and After
     Original Statement      Accomplishment Statement
  • Designed a homepage and electronic mail distribution list
  • Designed a homepage and electronic mail distribution list to make information on upcoming events more accessible; efforts resulted in a 20% increase in member participation at club events.  
  • Completed a research project
  • Conducted original research on the ecosystem of Penitencia Creek, resulted in a report and presentation to environmental advocates.
  • Was a manager at retail outlet
  • Managed retail outlet and increased sales by 25% in six months through promotions and marketing.
  • Organized a fundraiser
  • Coordinated a Walk for Breast Cancer event, reaching out to over 5,000 community members through MailChimp, raised over $2000.