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Golbganou Moghaddas and Art Hazelwood

Golbanou Moghaddas and Art Hazelwood

Exhibition Dates: February 16 - April 8, 2022

Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building
Art and Art History Gallery
Gallery Hours: Open M-F, 9am-4pm, Closed March 21-25

Artist Talk and Reception: Thursday, April 7, 5-7pm

Golbanou Moghaddas and Art Hazelwood

Golbanou Moghaddas and Art Hazelwood are two artists with very different approaches to printmaking. Nonetheless, they share in their desire to make sense of the world through symbolic forms. The visual language each employs is vastly different, but the use of narrative elements, which serve as guides for the viewer, offer a similar sense of meaning, some hidden, some convoluted and some with the shocking immediacy of a dream turned nightmare.

Golbanou Moghaddas’ intimate etchings draw on the rich patterns of folklore and myth from her native Iran. They are interwoven with personal experiences of immigration and with all the attendant homesickness, alienation and struggle that that entails. Yet, while these images are rooted in her unique experience, the sense of deep and elusive meaning pulls one in with the sense of a memory on the edge of consciousness.

Art Hazelwood’s densely packed political and satirical woodcuts and screenprints redeploy the symbolism of the 19th century Robber Baron era and the rise of industrial capitalism to both comment and contextualize the political moment. Art historical references repurposed in the service of contemporary criticism not only makes for a useful collection of satirical punching bags, but also lends a sense of foreshadowing to the present - we have seen this story before, and whether or how we choose to respond is our struggle.

For each artist, the media of print has become their language for expression, a media rich with potential. For Golbanou, etching affords her the means by which to express a delicate line and intimate world. Similarly for Art, the twin media of relief print (woodcuts and linocuts) and screenprint, offer a bold and powerful form to convey and express his ideas.

-Golbanou Moghaddas & Art Hazelwood

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