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Department ofClassics

Recent Publications

Professor Greenwalt has a number of excellent articles that either have just been published or will be in print soon:

"Thracian and Macedonian Kingship," in A Companion to Ancient Thrace"  Wiley-Blackwell 2015, pp. 337-351.

"Infantry and the Evolution of Argead Macedonia," in Greece, Macedon and Persia, Oxbow, 2015, pp. 41-46.

"Alexander II", in Macedonian Kingship in Transition forthcoming, Oxbow Press.

"The Assassination of Archelaus and the Significance of the Royal Macedonian Hunt," forthcoming in the Proceedings of the VI International Alexander Symposium

"Bucephalas the Hero," forthcoming in a festschrift dedicated to W. Lindsay Adams

Professor Turkeltaub has written a number of articles on Greek epic and drama:

Recently in print are: “Penelope’s Lion, θυμός-Destroying Pain, and θυμολέων Husband” in Classical Journal 110.3: 279-302, “Penelope’s ‘Stout Hand’ and Odyssean Humor” in Journal of Hellenic Studies 134: 103-119, and “Windy Words in Penelope’s Joking Dream: Odyssey 4.787-841” in Helios 41.1: 1-24.

Soon to be in print are “Euripides’ Hecuba” in The Blackwell Companion to Euripides, and both “Homeric Humor” and “Immanence” in The Cambridge Homer Vol. 1: Homeric Song and Text. Another article, “The Brutal Legacy of Agamemnon’s Scepter: Iliad 2.101-108,” is currently under review.

Updated September 2015