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Brenna Donnellan

Brenna Donnellan

Brenna Donnellan '13

Taking Classical Studies to work and a masters degree

"Upon graduating, I’ve had a few careers I’ve loved, but ultimately, I was lured to PG&E by a short commute. Over the past four years, I have worked my way up to Service Planning Supervisor for Marin and Napa Counties. The sense of humor I cultivated whilst hanging out with the Classics Department has really helped my ability to keep a chipper attitude when balancing the public, project managers, bureaucracy, and government regulations. In addition to working, I decided to attend Sonoma State University to obtain my Masters of Arts in Organization Development, which was a blast and is proving to be quite useful. Of course, my thesis ended up being “The Socratic OD Consultant: Are we the Modern Socrates?” That degree helped me get my current promotion, so the Classics department served me quite well. When not in school or working, I am usually galivanting Europe, though I recently ventured out of the former Roman Empire and followed Genghis Khan’s hoofbeats on an 8-day ride. The picture is me on my Mongolian Pony from the National Geographic trip."

--Brenna Donnellan '13