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Elif Soyarsian

Elif Soyarsian

Elif Soyarsian '06

Using Latin to translate a Turkish herb

"I’m in public tax accounting and working on my CPA licensure. I started doing Wim Hof method and water coloring classes and that is a part of my daily practice now. In the last 10 years, I had focused on local microorganic farm accounting because I am really interested in organic and permaculture farming practices. I’m also interested in how farmers can be independent of corporations and self-reliant. Since college, I've become really interested in growing my own Native California and Mediterranean edibles plants. My Latin background has been such a benefit in studying native species! A year ago I was in Turkey visiting family. In Bodrum, I learned about this incredible native herb called Kekik. I had to figure out a way to grow it in the States! I could not find any suppliers. Furthermore, there were about forty different plants called Kekik. I looked up the Latin names of the plants called Kekik and found the Latin satureja (English “savory”). Sadly, I returned without any Turkish savory seeds. This herb is exquisite married with garlic, oregano, and Aleppo pepper in olive oil for dipping. I highly recommend you seek it out if you're ever over there!"

- Elif Soyarsian '06