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Laura Kevranian

Laura Kevranian

Laura Kevranian '14

After SCU, a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and engaged to a fellow bronco

"I graduated SCU in 2014 with a double major in Classical Studies and Greek & Latin, and I went on to pursue my Master's in Counseling Psychology at USF. I am currently the School Counselor at West Hillsborough Elementary School where I support students and families through individual and group counseling, social emotional learning, and much more! A huge highlight of my job is facilitating our Greek Myth Club. The club started out with just three very eager and inquisitive 3rd graders who loved all things mythology and quickly grew to over 40 members. I'm hoping they'll all become future Classics majors! I met my now fiancé Daniel Gherardi '14 in Rome when studying abroad through SCU, and last summer, we journeyed back to Rome, where we got engaged. We are planning to be married in June 2021."

--Laura Kevranian '14