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Department ofCommunication

Journalism Minor

One (1) Lower Division Course

COMM 60: Journalism (COMM 40 prior to Fall 2022)

Six (6) Upper Division Courses

Students will choose any six from the following Communication Courses:

  • COMM 106 Special Topics in Journalism
  • COMM 131D Documentary Production
  • COMM 144 Diversity in Media (COMM 121A prior to Fall 2022)
  • COMM 160 Data and Research Based Reporting
  • COMM 161 Advanced Journalism (COMM 141B prior to Fall 2022)
  • COMM 161C Health Reporting
  • COMM 162 Multimedia Journalism (COMM 142B prior to Fall 2022)
  • COMM 162B Multimedia Journalism (If completed before Fall 2022)
  • COMM 163 Audio Storytelling
  • COMM 164 Reporting on Justice (COMM 145B prior to Fall 2022)
  • COMM 165 Long Form Journalism (COMM 146B prior to Fall 2022)
  • COMM 165M Magazine Journalism (COMM 146B prior to Fall 2022)
  • COMM 166 News and Democracy (COMM 147A prior to Fall 2022)
  • COMM 167 Communication Law (COMM 170A prior to Fall 2022)
  • COMM 168 Community Journalism
  • COMM 169 Communication Ethics

    Students may complete three Practicum courses to count as one upper division course
    • COMM 190 Journalism Practicum (Three Quarters)
    • COMM 192 Online Journalism Practicum (Three Quarters)

Students are strongly encouraged to apply their applicable coursework in other departments to their Journalism Minor. Two (2) upper-division courses from another department (such as political science, ethnic studies, or public health) may be accepted with permission from the journalism faculty. Contact the journalism faculty for more information.

Questions? Contact Lisa Davis or Gordon Young