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Department ofCommunication


Requirements for Students: Prerequisites to receive academic credit for internships include a minimum grade point average, sophomore status plus permission of the student's academic advisor, and the Department Internship Coordinator. Students must work a minimum number of hours for credit and attend regular class meetings. Typically students work 20 hours a week for the duration of the 10-week quarter.

Requirements for Internship Providers: Internship providers must offer interns duties that include substantive responsibilities in order to develop a student's career skills. Some clerical duties are expected but internships must go beyond general office work. Providers must have a designated supervisor able to evaluate the student's performance at the end of the academic quarter. Providers should supply any training for specialized or technical tasks. Compensation, in the form of an hourly wage or stipend, is encouraged but not required of providers. Course credit may be obtained whether compensation is offered or not.

Scheduling: Most students try to arrange their start and end dates around the quarter calendar but this is not required for credit. Summer hours may exceed the average 20 hours per week since many students are not taking regular course loads. Hours may also vary during the week due to exams, vacation breaks and registration periods.

Finding An Internship: The Internship Coordinator can help a student identify a challenging and educational internship. The Department maintains lists of employers and local alumni that have offered positions in the recent past, plus listings of current opportunities. Students should contact the employer directly by email, phone or fax unless otherwise requested. Typically, employers provide a one-page description of their position including expected skills and duties, start and end dates, compensation (if any), contact information and background on the company.

Students are encouraged to begin their search two to three months in advance of their internship. The Department also will screen candidates in advance if requested by the employer, particularly if a specific skill set is required.

For more information contact: Amy Eriksson, Communication Department Internship Coordinator.

LinkedIn Networks: Many employers and internship providers recruit in part through LinkedIn. We invite students to join any networks of interest, where students can connect with employers, and stay up to date on internship opportunities, Career Center events, industry news, and company campus visits.