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Department ofCommunication

Student Awards & Honors

Student Stipends

The editors-in-chief of The Redwood and The Santa Clara, as well as the general manager of KSCU, receive stipends for their volunteer work with the student media.

The Quinn Martin Scholarship

The late TV Producer, Quinn Martin (Streets of San Francisco, Barnaby Jones, etc.), established this scholarship to assist students planning a career in any area of the theater arts, including acting, dance, television, directing, script writing, production design, or production techniques. All Theatre Arts and Communication sophomores and juniors may apply, as long as they have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 at the time of application. The scholarship money is awarded initially for the junior year and automatically renewed for the senior year if scholarship requirements are met. Occasionally a scholarship is also awarded for senior year as well. A faculty committee, made up of faculty from this and other departments, makes the decision.

The Communication Department Prize

The Communication Department Prize is an annual award for the graduating senior who best meets the goals of the department. Alumni and friends of the department established the prize in 1986. The prize, an appropriate gift, is presented at the annual University Award Day just prior to graduation.

The department's faculty and staff determine the recipient of the award based in large part on these criteria: (1) The quality of the student's work (theoretical, research, and applied), reflected in part by course grades. To be considered for the award, a student must have an overall GPA of 3.0. (2) The collaborative attitude of the student, as demonstrated by teamwork and participation in student and departmental activities. (3) A demonstrated commitment to ethics in communication and to service of others through communication.

The Charles Lampkin Award for Performance

This award, established in 1989 in honor of Charles Lampkin, the late actor and University artist-in-residence, is given to the junior or senior African-American student who has demonstrated excellence and commitment to performance in television, theatre, music, or dance.

The Justin T. McCarthy Award

This award is given in memory of Justin T. McCarthy to the senior student who has excelled in oratory. It is given to a senior who has developed ability to express her/himself in a given medium.

High School Journalism Competition

Each year, the Santa Clara University Department of Communication reads, critiques, and honors exceptional work by by high school journalists from around the country covering news, features and sports. Please visit the competition website for more information, entry forms, and past winners.