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Department ofCommunication

Andrew Ishak

Andrew W. Ishak

Senior Lecturer

B.S. in Managerial Economics, University of California, Davis, 2004

M.A. in Advertising, University of Texas at Austin, 2005

Ph.D. in Communication Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 2012


Andrew Ishak is a teacher, researcher, and filmmaker.

His latest work explores culture, communication, and identity in the Coptic Orthodox community in the United States. Andrew is the creator and producer of a narrative film series called Abouna, which follows a new priest as he navigates the challenges of leading a bicultural church steeped in centuries of tradition. His previous work in this field includes Out of Egypt, a 2008 documentary about Coptic American culture.

Andrew is also the author of research on lifesaving critical teams, such as wildland fire crews, bomb squads, and emergency medical units; the co-editor of a book on sports and identity; and the author of a recent book chapter on communication in sports teams.

Andrew’s films also include documentaries, scripted shorts, and instructional media. His short documentary Shots in the Dark was selected for numerous festivals, including the San Jose International Short Film Festival. Academic favorites include Making Your Zoom Look More Professorial and What Are Office Hours?.

Andrew also serves as Faculty Athletics Representative for Santa Clara University; directs the Public Speaking course in the Communication Department; and serves as the Director of the Undergraduate Core Curriculum at SCU (2021-2024).


Public Speaking (COMM 2)
Qualitative Research Methods (COMM 101)
Communication & Sport (COMM 118)
Time & Communication (COMM 125)