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Department ofCommunication

Chad Raphael

Chad Raphael
Chad Raphael

B.A., Harvard University

Ph.D., Northwestern University

A scholar of political and environmental communication, Chad is currently co-editing a book about community-based research for environmental justice (forthcoming from University of California Press - Luminos), based on a guide and an article he recently published on this topic. Previously, he co-authored Deliberation, Democracy, and Civic Forums: Improving Equality and Publicity (Cambridge University Press) and wrote Investigated Reporting: Muckrakers, Regulators, and the Struggle over Television Documentary (University of Illinois Press), which won three awards for best book of the year in his field. He has published in journals such as Political Communication, Environmental Communication, New Media and Society, Politics and Society, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Communication Law and Policy, Computers in Human Behavior, and Journal of Public Deliberation. He integrates his research and teaching by regularly co-publishing articles with undergraduate students.

At SCU, Chad is the Faculty Associate for Sustainability across the Curriculum and Co-Coordinator of the university’s Environmental Justice and the Common Good Initiative. He has chaired the Communication Department, as well as committees that designed the university’s Core Curriculum and that helped draft Santa Clara’s Strategic Plan.

Chad also helps to steer several environmental justice organizations, serving on the board of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation (which he previously chaired) and as a Design Team member of the Clean Electronics Production Network. Previously, he chaired the board of the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and led a task force on greening the International Communication Association. He has consulted on designing communication campaigns for environmental organizations.


Introduction to Media Studies (COMM 2), Technology and Communication (COMM 12), Community Organizing (COMM 113B), Environmental Communication (COMM 120A), Dialogue and Deliberation (COMM 128B), News and Democracy (COMM 147A), Communication Law (COMM 170A), Senior Thesis (COMM 197)