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Department ofEnglish

Why English?

A most versatile major, English provides its majors with the skills needed to succeed in many fields: business, law, medicine, education, screenwriting, government, copywriting, journalism, editing, public relations, technical writing, and more.  

Read below what some Santa Clara English majors have to say about the benefits of classes within the Department.

Please share with us what you are doing, where you are living, a high resolution head shot image and how your degree in English has been useful to you since you graduated from SCU. Your update will be shared on our Why English? web page. Submit your story!

  • Jennifer N. Hinds, Class of 2011

    Associate at Bowman and Brooke LLP

    I always knew I was going to be an English major in college and my time at SCU made me realize this was the right choice for me.

  • Monique M. DeJong, Class of 2006

    Corporate Communications Specialist at Sanmina-SCI

    I am incredibly thankful for having majored in English. SCU's English Department helped equip me with strong writing, editing, and analytical skills that I may not have otherwise, had I chosen a different major.

  • Michael Rhoads, Class of 2006

    Deputy Legal Affairs Secretary, Office of the Governor

    I didn't plan on being an English major when I started at SCU. I was drawn to the program, however, after a few engaging classes with challenging (and persuasive) professors.

  • Michael F. Carr, Class of 1996

    Associate at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

    The SCU English Department fosters creative thinking, effective writing, and analytical skills, all of which served me well as a product manager at a technology company and are essential in my current legal career.

  • Mithya Srinivasan, Class of 2010

    Consumer Communications, Pinterest

    A degree in English at Santa Clara provided me with the ability to read, analyze, and write effectively. Synthesizing information and expressing it well and to the appropriate audience has been a valuable asset in the professional world.

  • Tanya Schmidt, Class of 2012

    President of Sigma Tau Delta at Santa Clara University

    The English Department offers a variety of courses taught by engaging professors. Through events such as Pizza with the Profs, I have enjoyed getting to know English professors outside of the classroom.

  • Marty Blaker, Class of 1986

    Writer at Microsoft

    A degree in English launched my incredible professional journey. Studying English developed and honed my writing skills. It taught me to think analytically. It helped me develop confidence to pursue creativity in fields otherwise devoid of it.

  • David R. Bauer, Class of 1992

    Founding Partner at Hemispheres: Research for Humans

    Thanks to my English Degree from Santa Clara, I was much better prepared to write effective emails, insightful presentations, short fiction, and witty Facebook posts.

  • Hilary Titus, Class of 2011

    Patient Navigator at Sea Mar Community Health Centers

    I was first drawn to English by the conversations. I reveled in the ability to peer into different times, cultures, and minds. I could analyze the world of the literature and enter the conversation with my peers. My career as an English major developed, and I became fascinated with the art of writing itself.

  • Brendan W. Donckers, Class of 2002

    Attorney and Member of the Bar of the US Supreme Court

    Studying English at SCU isn't just about learning how to write well. It's understanding how to communicate effectively and how to make your opinion relevant.

  • Shannon M. Nessier, Class of 1999

    Litigation Associate at Hanson Bridgett LLP

    When you study under some of the most skilled teachers around, who do not minimize the value of the texts, who don't get lost in the rhetoric of esoteric pedagogy but instead commit to being real teachers, making the most of those years studying English at SCU is easy.

  • Margaret Hooper, Class of 2011

    Senior Client Service Advocate, Sequoia Consulting Group

    Living in San Francisco among some of the greatest tech & business minds in the world, I am reminded of one thing, every company needs someone who can write!