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Department ofEnglish

Alumni and Friends


English alumni thriving in myriad fields.


The Alumni Association offers four online services to help graduating seniors and alumni connect professionally and socially with each other. Sign-up for one or all of the online services to begin to reconnect today.


Alumni donations/giving enables Santa Clara to provide our students with much-needed support for scholarships, services, programs, and facilities. Last year, donations/gifts of $100 or less added up to more than half a million dollars - underscoring the fact that every donation/gift makes a difference.

Graduate Information

Contact the graduate advisors, Amy Lueck, Kirstyn Leuner, or Kai Harris for any questions about graduate school.

Update Your Info

Click here to fill out a form to tell us about your recent move, your promotion, or your new family member.

Why English?

A most versatile major, English provides its majors with the skills needed to succeed in many fields: business, law, medicine, education, screenwriting, government, copywriting, journalism, editing, public relations, technical writing, and more.

Why English?