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Graduate School Advising

The MLA Guide to Doctoral Programs in English and Other Modern Languages covers doctoral programs in United States and Canadian departments of English, other modern languages, and comparative literature. For this edition of the Guide, more than 340 doctorate-granting departments in the United States and Canada that the MLA contacted in April 2005 have provided at least some information about their doctoral programs.  Entries contain some or all of the following information:

In addition to going on to pursue a wide range of careers, English majors also often go on to attend graduate school, whether in the Humanities (MA/PhD), Creative Writing (MFA), Business School (MBA), Law School (JD), or Medical School (MD). The resources below are geared predominantly to those interested in an MA and/or PhD in English (or Comparative Literature).  They are designed to provide very basic information about applying to graduate school. Please keep in mind that requirements,guidelines, and timelines can all vary widely depending on the field of study, the institution, and the program.  Consult with professors and others who have knowledge of the field and potential programs, and check with individual schools to see specific application details.


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