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Department of Ethnic Studies

Tony Hazard

Anthony Hazard
Associate Professor

Tony Hazard is currently an Assistant Professor in the Ethnic Studies Program at Santa Clara University.  Hazard's research and teaching explore the issue of "race" in recent United States history.  Along with engaging connections between social and cultural history with the history of anthropology, Hazard approaches U.S. history from transnational and global perspectives.  He has been a postdoctoral fellow in Science in Human Culture at Northwestern University, a Library Resident Fellow at the American Philosophical Society, a Graduate Associate at the Center for the Humanities at Temple University, and a Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Northwestern University.  Hazard earned the PhD in History at Temple University and the BA in African American Studies at Arizona State University.

His most recent book project Postwar Anti-racism: The U.S., Unesco and "Race," 1945-1968, explores the discourse and practice of anti-racism in the first two decades following World War II. At its heart, the project is concerned to uncover the specific ways scientific and cultural discourses of "race" continued to circulate in the early moments of contemporary globalization. 

  • Ethnic Studies 30: Intro to African American Studies
  • Ethnic Studies 135: African Americans in Postwar Film (cross-listed with HIST185)
  • Ethnic Studies 149: Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements (cross-listed with HIST 153)
  • Ethnic Studies 178: Race and World War II (cross-listed with HIST 178)