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Department of Ethnic Studies

Academic Program

The Ethnic Studies Department Academic Program is a University program designed for all undergraduates who are interested in studying and understanding the historical and contemporary experiences of historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups in the United States. The department offers interdisciplinary courses based primarily on the scholarship within the academic discipline of ethnic studies. The focus of the Ethnic Studies Department is on African Americans, Asian/Pacific Islander Americans, Chicanas/Chicanos, and Native Americans in the United States.

The department also coordinates University-wide events to promote a critical analysis of the experiences and issues dealing with historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups in our society. It organizes such activities in order to provide the University and surrounding communities with a better understanding of the societal signifi¬≠cance and impact of race/ethnicity and their relationship with other critical factors, particularly gender and social class.

Through a range of courses taught by award winning faculty Ethnic Studies addresses such issues as: changing demographics, civil rights, educational inequality, economic development, identity and empowerment, immigration, gender and intersectionality, labor and employment conflicts, media, music and popular culture, multi-racial communities, social movements, sovereignty, voting rights and political representation, and much more.

Our interdisciplinary program offers a minor, companion major, and multiple pathways for students looking to augment their primary field of study. We also work closely with the Ignatian Center and our local community partners to offer students practical forms of community based learning and collaborative research opportunities to expand their classroom experiences. From quarterly workshops, to work with the Multicultural Center, Office for Multicultural Learning, and a wide variety of student clubs, to bringing in the best and brightest for our Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series, we expose students to a range of dynamic opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Ethnic Studies Major

Ethnic Studies Minor

To declare or change a major, minor, or emphasis, fill out the SCU Registrar's Program Petition form.

This is a video produced by a former major named Mayra Garcia-Hernandez who produced it as part of a final project for Ethnic Studies 154 Women of Color